Welcome to Val Di Toro; our wine, our valley, our home!

Settled in Poggio La Mozza, near Grosseto in Tuscany we, Hugh & Anna Maria, and our three children enjoy the exquisite views that this region has gifted us. The area is steeped in a wine-making tradition that we are passionate about and are proud to now be part of with our award-winning wines.




In 2004 we carefully selected the most fertile and flawless 10 hectares to plant our vineyard of over 60,000 vines. With the invaluable collaboration and support of renowned oenologist Maurizio Castelli, we identified the finest south/south-west facing land. Being just 90 meters above sea level and less than 5 miles from the coast provides a sound environment for the grapes. Consequently, the vineyard thrives in its own enviable micro-climate that is both excellently ventilated and benefits from a sandstone soil that is rich in minerals.






Each of us is passionate about viticulture of the highest quality and holds an unwavering respect for the land and environment. With these values at the heart of our production, our work in the fields, including the harvest, is carried out manually as much as possible. In the summer, we also carry out a vigorous green harvest to eliminate excess bunches and to concentrate the nutrition towards the remaining grapes.

We selected our particular grapes for the beautiful quality and because they are traditional to this particular area of Italy.

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Once we've satisfied you with the theory, please allow us to welcome you to our home and pour you a glass of our award-winning wine so that you can savour it for yourself. Just let us know when you can make it and we will arrange a warm Tuscan welcome.

Anna Maria Cruciata and Hugh Constable Maxwell.




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